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The Power to Comprehend™

Why Invest?

Robotica products and services automatically translates communications into visual languages, presented by virtual interpreters. 

People that are partially hearing or Deaf are excluded from accessing information and entertainment.

Robotica is an audiovisual comprehension, translation, and
synthetic presentation services

  • Our software translates communications into visual languages, presented by virtual interpreters.
  • Bringing equality and access of information and entertainment to the Deaf community.
  • For Robotica’s customers, accessible content enables bigger audiences: their content goes further, lasts longer and finds a wider audience.

Robotica supports the Deaf community mantra, “nothing about us without us” and involves members of the community in business and translation processes.

Investing in Robotica Machine Learning Ltd is an opportunity to access increasingly predictable AI software-driven growth and returns, from a business at the forefront of automated sign language interpretation.


We're the first automated British Sign Language (BSL) translator in the market.

Uniquely Positioned

We have a unique position in the market:

  • Broadcast-quality BSL interpretations of pre-recorded content
  • Fully automated live translations into signed languages
  • Delivered by realistic digital human signers


Customers include broadcasters, zoos, museums and transport hubs.